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Boat rental at Offersøy

On your way to Lofoten with a wish to do some fishing? There are multiple options for renting a boat in Lofoten. We offer rental of boats both with and without a guide.

We can offer you a wide range of open boats with outboard motors. 18 foot skerry jeeps w/50ps & 21 feet aluminium boats w/80ps!

The perfect boats to rent in Lofoten

The boats are well suited to, and well-equipped for deep sea fishing and excursions into the archipelago waters off Offersoy. All skerry jeeps have a built-in echo sounder and some have a GPS/chartplotter also. Furthermore we offer fishing equipment, floating overalls and other equipment for hire.

Rent a boat with a captain

Additionally we offer the rental of a 27 feet boat with a captain. With lots of space onboard and steady steering, this boat is the perfect boat to rent if you want to go sea fishing and sightseeing.

Everything you need

In the old pier we have a cleaning house and freezers for rent. Own boat ramp for private boats. A berth for the floating dock can also be rented. Please contact our staff in the reception before use.

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