The gate to Lofoten and Vesterålen



October 26, 2020
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Julebord på Offersøy

October 5, 2020
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October 5, 2020
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At Offersøy in Lødingen Vestbygd you can stay in beautiful fishermen's cabins, cabins, rooms and sea houses. We also have a nice campsite and children's playground. We offer beautiful and modern fishermen's cabins, large and nice cabins, rooms, sea houses, camping sites and guest marinas!

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Experience Offersøy - The gateway to Lofoten and Vesterålen!

Offersøy Feriesenter offers the nature experience and activities spring, summer, autumn and winter. Whether you come as a holiday guest or as a course & conference participant.

Deep sea fishing, diving, hunting, killer whale safaris, mountain walks, archipelago courses, village sightseeing, sculpture landscapes north, star and northern lights observatory, playground, nature trail, sea rafting or "desert island" - stay, treasure hunt or a trip to Møysalen National Park!

We can guarantee that you will remember Offersøy long after you return home!

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Deep sea fishing

At Offersøy you can experience an exciting sea fishing from March to October. You can rent a boat and go out on your own, or join our locally known fishing skipper who is ready to take you to the best fishing spots - with the largest cod. In addition, you can join in fishing for lophobic fish, shrimp fishing and halibut fishing. Other types of fish you can get are saithe, lure, haddock, catfish, tusk, redfish, herring and mackerel. If you have a favorite bar, take it with you. If you want to rent fishing equipment, it is also possible with us at Offersøy Feriesenter.

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We can offer courses & conference rooms for up to 45 people, in our meeting room "Kursloftet", on "Linken", or in group rooms in the main building.

Our largest meeting room, "Kursloftet", is located next to the main building, in a restored, old fire house. We do everything we can to tailor a program that is right for your company and can offer good, home-made food, activities and local entertainment.

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Getting here

Offersøy - kystperlen i Lødingen Vestbygd!

Offersoy is situated in the midst of the wild and beautiful village of Vestbygd, on the southern tip of Norway’s largest island – Hinnoya, with its powerful, breathtaking 360 degree panorama. In the east, at a distance of 150 km, you’ll find Narvik. In the west you can catch sight of the mountains of Lofoten, plunging majestically into the Vestfjord. And in the south and south-east you can enjoy a splendid view of Hamaroya and Stetind – Norway’s national mountains, rising 1372 meters from the Tysfjord.

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About Offersøy Feriesenter

Offersøy - The name oozes excitement and history. 200 years ago, it was a sizzling trading place and fishing village, with "farms", farm, boy, budeie and corps. From 1982, the place changed character when Offersøy Feriesenter was established and began marketing Offersøy as an exciting holiday resort in a very special, exotic maritime environment, where the family and the circle of friends can find peace and quiet, or activity and experience.

Offersøy is located on the "southern tip" of Norway's largest island, Hinnøya and in the middle of scenic Vestbygda, where we offer accommodation in rooms, cabins, cabins, sea houses and campground. Here we also offer cafe, restaurant, bar and meeting room facilities. Own marina with boat rental. We also have bike, canoe and kayak rentals. Sauna cabin and barbecue cabin, own launch ramp for boats and cleaning house / freezer for fish. Own playground for the smallest. Very family friendly place.

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At Offersøy in Lødingen Vestbygd you can stay in beautiful fishermen's cabins, cabins, rooms and sea houses. We also have a nice campsite and children's playground.

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